Results are In – AT&T 4G LTE Speeds Are FAST

It’s only been a day and a handfull of hours since AT&T launched their new 4G devices, the HTC Vivid and the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.  Only a few markets have access to the new network already and a few early adopters have some interesting news to report.

I was always curious to see how Ma Bell’s 4G would stack up to Big Red’s, and By the looks of the speed test results – pretty damn good. Users in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Chicago are reporting speeds ranging from 15Mbps to a whopping 65 Mbps. Kinda makes blazing fast seem like a blazing crawl, huh?Keep in mind there are only a small amount of people using the network right now and as more people sign on with 4G service from AT&T, the network will get bogged down, slowing the speeds down as well. Either way, the initial reports are pretty good, a lot faster than Verizon’s LTE launch if I remember correctly.

Jump past the break for a gallery of reported speed tests. The results are pretty amazing.

[via Android and Me]

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