And the winner of the DROID RAZR is…

Earlier today we asked you all to help us find the combination of a safe delivered by a @DroidLanding operative that contained a DROID RAZR. You guys were really good as we already have a winner. Checkout the video below:

Thank you Verizon Wireless and @DroidLanding for letting us be a part of this awesome contest!!

  • brendan

    thats crap, there is no “3” in the kevlar molecular formula

  • bstringy

    Razr width is 68mm. Depth/height/thickness is 7mm. I believe I am the rightful winner.

  • grayhaze

    So they meant the thickness, not the width. Oh well. Congrats to the winner!

  • Albert

    That width thing was misleading. Yeah, congratulations anyway.

  • Tyler

    Wow… it specifically said that the code had to be entered in the format: *_ _ _ _#, and this guy didn’t. He just put the number in.

    • Robert Nazarian

      Tyler, I definitely put the * and # in the code.

  • Tyler

    I meant the guy who won. He just entered the four numbers, but that’s alright. Congrats to him.

  • Jack Holt

    Almost got my hopes up when he said Jack ;) but congrats, that’s an amazing phone to win!