Boost Mobile sporting Android with the Motorola i1 now available

I have been a long time Boost Mobile user because of the push to talk feature on iDEN phones, but don’t want a long term contract. Ever since I first heard of the Motorola i1 I have been keeping tabs on it. Well today the new smart phone is here and ready for your hard earned dollars. In case you have not seen it before, the Motorola i1 is an Android based phone for Boost Mobile, which runs on Sprint’s iDEN network. This means all the goodies of Android with the instant walkie talkie feature us iDEN users love.

Here is a recap of some of the specs:

  • Android 1.5 OS
  • 3.1″ HVGA touch-screen display
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • 5.0MP camera with autofocus, flash and zoom
  • SWYPE technology
  • Nationwide Walkie-Talkie
  • Mil-Spec Durability

While the i1 is running only Android 1.5, for a device like this with unlimited services at around $50/month, and no contract to boot you cannot go wrong. I have seen around the web, people getting the device for $299 but when I checked my local Best Buy store they want $399 for it. Kind of pricey for this type of device so we will have to see if it comes down once the hype is over. If it does maybe a hands on look might be in the future :) If you’re a Boost Mobile user and pick one up we would love to hear what you think of the i1.

  • JP

    wait, did they bump the price up?
    I could have sworn the price was $349.99

  • Alan Matson

    I have heard $299 from some sources and $349 from others. I called the Best Buy here and they confirmed the launch of $399 here :(

  • http://iden pamcampell

    this phone is very dissapointing. not up to par. a wanna-be droid. os outfdated. slow web.iden. regularly force close of android os and opera browser. flash in dire need of updates too. not what I paid for….