Android Insider Confirms Android 4.0 update for EVO 3D and Galaxy S II – More to Come

Yesterday, during an Android gathering in LA, LA Gadgets Examiner confirmed with an Android insider that Google, HTC and Samsung are doing everything they can to bring Android 4.0 to their smartphones. The EVO 3D and Galaxy S II were specifically mentioned as scheduled to receive the update sometime next month.

Another bit of interesting news revealed, Samsung plans to release a new 3D smartphone at the end of the first quarter in 2012, despite the meager sales of current 3D devices. We will definitely keep our eyes peeled for this one. Hopefully, Sammy will shed a new light on 3D smartphone technology.

[via Examiner]

  • Bryan West

    Evo 3D ftw!

  • Tony Hedges

    I’d be a little dubious about the Evo 3d getting the update as quickly as that. If it were true, the only way would be to release plain ICS. That is not HTC’s way. Especially on a 3d device.

  • Erik

    What? Is it possible that the upgrades will be released before (or very close to) Galaxy Nexus?

    I find this article more plausible.. Who is this “insider”?

  • dkdude36

    ics on 3d before the end of the year? that’s too much to hope for. i’d be happy with stock ics or cm9, but i’d love the full htc sense ontop and everything.

  • Joseph Mikhail

    its the 26 and nothing on the horizon yet :( tried kies update, check for software update nothing :(

  • Temo

    it is already 25th January 2012 and still nothing

  • Knightr1

    27th now… no updates