Another HTC Rezound Video Surfaces, Shows Side By Side Comparison With The Thunderbolt

Looks like Johnboy is at it again and just in case you missed the quick hands-on video yesterday, he’s brought you some more eye candy today.  The device is shown in the video being compared to the original LTE device, the HTC Thunderbolt.  And while though there’s nothing new on the plate here, you get a pretty decent idea of the Rezound as it sits along side the Thunderbolt.  Check out the video and take note of the length, screen res and thickness of the device as well as the small sample of the Beats Audio technology on board.  We’ll let you be the judge here as to whether or not the device has enough to compete with recent and emerging devices and technologies.  Do you think the Beats Audio integration is enough to get you to not purchase a Droid Razr or a Galaxy Nexus?  Expect the device to launch on or around Nov 3rd.

YouTube Preview Image

[via Droid Life]

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