Android P2P based video chat

Over at the Flash Mobile Blog, there has been quite a bit of cutting edge Android development going on… to include a P2P-based video chat application. It’s based on the recent Adobe Air application for Android. The strides made by the development team have been tremendous. According to the post on their site:

In the 5/7 build we have added Camera, Microphone, StageWebView and NativeExtensions features to the beta. Of course AIR comes with all of the Flash Player 10.1 features along with multi-touch/gestures, support for bitmap matrix caching and Geolocation APIs.

They also state the they are “arguably now at feature parity with the desktop Flash Platform, which is precisely the goal of the Open Screen Project.”

We’ll be keeping our eye on these guys as time goes by, and we’ll keep all of you informed on other achievements. In the mean time, hit up the source link below to read their post for yourself, as well as to see a video showing off their application.

[via FlashMobileBlog]