• nory826

    I hate the fact that Verizon somehow finagled their way into getting the exclusivity of the galaxy nexus. Guess I’ll be buying mine from over seas. Thanks T-Mobile

  • http://legacysmp.com Alan

    @nory826 Rumor has it that the Galaxy Nexus is coming to ALL major US carriers. The only “exclusivity” Verizon is speculated to have on this device is a short, around-a-month period before the other 3. Glad I’m on Verizon though!

    Galaxy Nexus love all around :)

  • randomthought

    since I’m on verizon I really don’t care if they have exclusivity. sorry for being self-centered but I just want it to hurry up and get here already. hoever, I don’t believe that it will remain that way for long. Verizon is better anyway.