Android Installed On HTC TyTN II

android_small_image.jpgEarlier this week we reported a successful Android installation on a Nokia N810, now it’s the HTC TyTN II’s turn to get the Android treatment. A team of developers have successfully managed to get Android installed and running on the HTC device.

The XDA-Developers have managed to install Android inside of Windows Mobile so as not to require a system flash – this in itself has potential to open many doors for the platform. For example once Android is released we could see an application for installing a shell directly on top of Windows Mobile devices.


HTC TyTN II Specification:

  • 400MHz processor (Qualcomm 7200)
  • 128MB RAM
  • 256MB Flash
  • Windows Mobile 6.1


  • Babu

    Hey!! Thats great news. I acn tell you of loads of ppl who ll love installing Android on Windows Mobile Phone.. Can you share more specifics how did they do it?

  • Stuart Guthrie

    Cool!!! I can’t wait to check it out! This is going to be great!!!

    Stu :-)

  • Kevin

    It seems they are only emulating the OS within windows mobile 6. I was hoping it was an complete install because I would put it on my phone. :(

  • Stuart Guthrie

    Does anyone know when a complete finished version will be available for the HTC Tytn?

    Stu :-)

  • dang

    running android on htc tytn is full working os ?
    Can I call or receive a call ? can I use tytn keyboard ?


  • NB

    sounds great! Any idea how to get my hands on the files? please email me if you know anything.

  • Peter Leyshon

    how do we install it?? and where are the files

  • Jckf

    It’s using Haret. Android isn’t installed on the device.

  • adam semple

    Hi, what about the HTC touch dual which is what I have? Where can I get info on installing Android on that phone?

    You guys are excellent thanks!

  • Ramji

    I have HTC P3400, can i install Android on my mobile? any one can help. Also, if install Android on my HTC, can i take back to my old OS?

  • graaou

    you must start windows before run Android.. it’s not a problem ;)

    it’s a new life for my kaiser!!!

  • John Galt

    Where are some of these available?
    Thanks, John

  • stephen

    please i need the files to to upgrade my tytn ii wm

  • Daniel Nilsson

    I did install Android on my HTC TYTN 2 but it wont except my PIN-kode. It seams like it has been change while installing. But then when I go back to windows it works again. Does somebody know how to solve that?

  • Prab

    I tried to install android on my htc, but its bit difficult to install the OS, does anyone let me now how to install the software

  • riju

    my device is samsung omnia lite. could someone tell me how to install it on my windows mobile 6.5

  • riju


  • mukesh

    I am haveing HTC Wildfire (A3333) now i need to install MS office can anybody help me how can it be possible please provide me all the needed information.

  • Mustafa


    I have a Sony Ericsson W890i, and i want to install android on it, can anybody help???

  • shamin

    can i install android OS on my SE VIVAZ?

  • Mathew

    please i need the files to to upgrade my tytn ii wm

  • Mathew

    please i need the files to upgrade my tytn ii wm

  • abouelyazied

    that’s best news for hear about android fot htc tyten 2
    i ask about if i can get arabic rom for my tytn
    if someone have it can help me v thanks

    best rrgards

  • Nuno Cavalheiro

    I have one HTC TYTN II. how can i instal android and where can i find software. Does somebody know how to solve that?

  • Manfred Shifafure

    I own a HTC TyTN ii and got bored with windows mobile 6.0. what is the website containing Android downloads. been searching and cant find. Please help.