How to get the updates on your modified Bionic

Okay so being the Android user that you are, there is a decent chance that you flash all sorts of stuff to your phone. In that process, however, you likely wander off the upgrade path, rendering your phone ineligible for the latest OTA software updates. How do you get those new updates. You have to flash back to stock. Outlined below are the steps to do that, courtesy of p3droid from mydroidworld forums. Let’s get started.

This has only been tested on Windows 7 (32/64)
  1. Download this fastboot file
  2. Download this Zip (Contains both System and webtop images) Download Now
  3. Create a folder on Desktop named “Stock” <—– can be anything you want
  4. Place the contents of both zip files in the folder named Stock
  5. Put phone in Fastboot mode, connect to computer
  6. Open a command terminal and go to the Stock folder (cd Desktop/Stock)
  7. type this command in the terminal window and wait for the flashing to finish before going to the next line.
    —-> moto-fastboot.exe flash webtop grfs.img (This file will be flashed in 4 parts)
    —-> moto-fastboot.exe flash system system.img (This file will be flashed in 2 parts)
    —-> moto-fastboot.exe reboot
    ************************************************** ****************
    Your boot image (kernel) and radio files will never go back to stock !!!
    ************************************************** ****************
Your phone is now back on stock (well the parts that matter anyways) Congratulations.
Okay, you reverted back to stock and updated. The next part is optional. How to root the device…
Download the following file: it contains the exploit, su, Superuser  –>
  1. Unzip contents of folder to your Desktop
  2. open a command terminal and navigate to the folder (cd Desktop/Exploit)
  3. type the following commands
    —> adb push zerg /data/local
    —> adb push su /data/local
    —> adb push Superuser.apk /data/local
    —> adb shell
    —> cd /data/local
    —> chmod 777 zerg
    —> ./zerg
  4. Wait for the root to be gained
  5. type the following commands
    —> adb shell (only type this if you are no longer in shell@targa)
    —> mount -o rw,remount /dev/null /system\
    —> cat /data/local/su > /system/bin/su
    —> cat /data/local/Superuser.apk > /system/app/Superuser.apk
    —> chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
    —> chmod 4755 /system/app/Superuser.apk
    —> reboot
There you have it! You’ve got root back.

About the Author: Jim Farmer

Originally from Mathews Virginia, Jim is now residing in Newport News where he attends Christopher Newport University, majoring in Computer Science. He interns with NASA Langley by day, and scours the internet for Android News by night. In his free time, he enjoys stand-up paddle-boarding, pwning on XBOX Live, coding, or hanging out with his favorite gal in the world, Morgan. His hero is Dean Kamen, you know, aside from Andy Rubin, and as for politics he’s for Open Source, Net Neutrality, and Unlimited Data.