[Dev Contest] appbackr Launches “Build the Maze! And then: Break it!” Competition, Offers Early Invite to Additional Distribution on New Appbackr Xchange Platform

Any developer today, especially a new one, will tell you that attempting to get exposure for that new application can be a frustrating and daunting task.  This is why it is often referred to as a “Maze” for developers. appbackr, the first and only company to offer a digital wholesale approach to funding developers, wants to alleviate some of that headache for you with their new and upcoming distribution platform product, appbackr Xchange. appbackr Xchange takes all of the hard work of sifting out partners to assist app distribution and does it entirely for you.  They’re also taking early invites now.


  • Xchange analyzes your app and pushes it to the most relevant stores that generate the highest amount of sales.
  • Through partnerships with 100s of app stores and appbackr’s proprietary analytics system Xchange finds the right place for your app.
  • This is the place to get additional distribution for your app – effortlessly. Break the Maze of distribution with appbackrXchange.

In an effort to kick off the new appbackr Xchange program and “Break the Maze”, appbackr wants to make it interesting.  The company is launching a competition for developers to receive the opportunity to “Build the Maze! And then: Break it!”

How the competition works:  

  • Several Android websites will be participating in the competition to make it interesting.
  • A “Break the Maze” T-shirt logo will be cut into pieces and distributed to all participating sites (see list below, one piece per site).
  • Each participating website will place its single piece of the maze somewhere on the site (ie. in a post).
  • Find the single piece of image of the logo from all participating sites and assemble them in a basic software editing program like Paint.net (Free Download) or use the software of your choice.
  • The first person to succeed in re-building the original maze out of the pieces will win an appbackr ‘Break the Maze’ T-shirt and will be the very first person to get access to appbackr Xchange to submit his/her app.  In addition, the winner will be named by all participating websites and will have his/her app shortly presented in the context of being named the winner of the competition.  Exposure baby!
  • 2nd to 5th place won’t go home empty handed either.  They’ll receive an appbackr Xchange ‘Break the Maze’ t-shirt.

The competition will run now until Tuesday Oct 25th at 12:00am PST. That’s Monday night / Tuesday early morning.

The Other Participating Sites:

androidguys.com –  post link
androidspin.com –  post link
theandroidsite.compost link
mydroidworld.compost link

Happy hunting!  Hint: You might want to look for posts with “relative content” as far as apps, developers, developing or app distribution goes in your search for the image.  We didn’t make it difficult, but we didn’t make it easy either.  Once you have assembled the entire image send it to “xchange at appbackr.com” with the respective “@” symbol included.  (excuse our attempt to beat spamming robots)

Also feel free to learn more about appbackr through their many media avenues:

To sign up for an early invite to Xchange now or to learn more head on over via the source link below. If you sign up for the early invite please use the code TALKANDROID.

[via AppBackr Xchange]