Newest Dolphin Browser Launches Exclusively On GetJar

For the many people (including myself) that aren’t overly thrilled about Android’s stock launcher, Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular alternatives. It’s fast, looks nice, and has tons of options. In an interesting twist Dolphin Browser v7.0, the next version of Dolphin, will be launching exclusively on a third party market: GetJar. The biggest update is Dolphin Connect.

Dolphin 7.0 is moving your mobile experience to the cloud by introducing Dolphin Connect.  With Dolphin Connect your bookmarked sites and your browsing preferences will be kept in sync across all of your devices. No longer forget web addresses—Dolphin Connect remembers them for you. With Dolphin Connect, Dolphin will once again reshape the mobile browsing experience.

Why would a company want to sidestep the biggest market it has? Perhaps GetJar offered a few incentives to launch it their first. Something tells me it won’t stay exclusive for too long though. Any of our readers die hard GetJar fans?

[via androidcentral]

  • Javadave

    I’ll just wait until the upgrade comes to the Android Market. No hurry.

  • Zomby2D

    I’ve picked up a couple of things on Getjar, especially Gold titles. Unfortunately things tend to not get updated. So if I really like an app, I’ll eventually buy it on the Market once updates start to show up.

  • tybsen

    Zomby2D: +1