Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound show up in Verizon MAP

Verizon’s latest Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) list came out and guess what’s on it? If you guessed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the HTC Rezound, you would be right in either case because both of them are listed with a price of $299. We can’t be surprised at the price tag since it seems to be the standard for 4G LTE phones.

All phones eventually show up on MAP so this isn’t really news, but what’s news is the MAP period. Both phones show 11/10 /11 – 5/10/12. I think it’s safe to say that we won’t see either device before November 10th. The Galaxy Nexus was rumored for November 3rd and the Rezound was October 20th. We are not implying that the release date will be November 10th either, we’re just saying that we won’t see them before.

If you wondering what the chances are that November 10th ends up being the date, you will notice the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is listed as starting 7/12/11, but it didn’t released until 7/28/11. On the other hand, the DROID Bionic and Motorola XOOM LTE is listed as starting 9/8/11, and its release date was the same date.

We should find out more next week in Hong Kong.

[via droid-life]