Motorola to unveil the RAZR (aka Spyder) on October 18

Motorola quietly introduced a teaser video on their Facebook page and sent out invites for an event on October 18 in New York City. The first thoughts that came to mind are the new XOOM 2, XOOM 2 Media Edition, and XOOM Family Edition tablets we have been telling you about, or maybe even the RAZR. It so happens that the image above was sent via email and was saved as “spyderlaunchinvite,” so it’s obvious that we will see the Spyder. The question is if it will be marketed as the Spyder, the RAZR, or even have some DROID branding (the red light in the picture hints at this).

It’s possible that we could still see the tablets as well since they should be launching in November or December. For now it’s just a guess, but we will be sure to give you the full scoop next Tuesday, or if anything breaks before then.

Teaser video after the break

YouTube Preview Image

[via engadget]

  • Curt

    Please let it be the Droid Razr with good specs on the phone.

    Wish list
    1.5ghz dual core processor
    4.5″ Super AMOLED screen w/Gorilla glass
    1900+ battery.
    Price $199 with contract

  • costume mariage

    Hello , the sharing buttons are not working on my computer since this morning it is your website or my computer?