[Android Quick Tip] Using Folders To Unclutter Your Home Screens

If you didn’t know already, depending on your version of Android, you can use folders on your home screens to help organize your apps. To do this, all you need to do is long press on one of your home screens and select Folders and then New Folder. Once you’ve added a new folder to your screen you can now drag and drop just about anything you like in here. In the screenshot above I have a folder set up for my Google specific apps which is accessed by simply tapping on the folder. This is a nice built in feature that looks nice and will put some apps all in one place for you. Be sure to share this with anyone considering an iPhone.

  • liz

    Love that icon “Silent” with the droid saying hush, hush. Where can I get it?

    • http://www.talkandroid.com Harold Williams

      @Liz – That can be found right here

      @Jaboles – I’m running ADWLauncher EX with the Gingerbread Icon pack. You can also do this same sort of thing with CircleLauncher

  • jaboles

    What are you running that make your folders more, dare I say it, iOS-esque? Every time I create and use folders, clicking on a folder brings up a window that takes up the entire screen vs the speech-bubble row that you have.

  • Lol

    Different launchers have different folder handling. I’m not sure what that one is,.but go launcher ex has nice folders