Galaxy Nexus May Have A Notification Light And Ice Cream Sandwich Is Seeing Daily Updates

The Galaxy Nexus is still hanging out in Rumorville until next Tuesday, but the rumors will keep flying in until then. DroidLife seems to have a tipster of their own, and while the specs from earlier seem to have been debunked, we’ll take a look anyway. Their source says that the Galaxy Nexus will have a multi-colored notification light and it will be right smack in the middle of the lip on the bottom of the phone (this is OK since there will be no hard buttons down there). It’s also being reported that, while ICS is close to being unveiled, daily updates are still going out continuing to help ICS to run faster and faster every day which is going to lead to an awesome pure Android experience. I don’t believe the video leaked showing off ICS last week was fake, so if you missed it you can catch it right here. More awesome leaks to chew on until Tuesday are sure to keep coming so stay tuned!

[via droidlife]

  • Peter McCain

    These are kind of sad news, I thought that this would be close to done. It seems like every android release, rush to release? Take your time, and make it great.
    Hate this “testing”, “beta” stages with customer products.

  • JC

    Peter – they mean it is getting updated RIGHT NOW every day…it doesn’t mean it’s “beta” or “testing” to the customer. Every product (especially electronics) go through phases of actual real world usage before being delivered to the customer…those daily updates will be long done before it is released to us (well, hopefully us meaning everyone and not just verizon customers, if it is a worldphone…)

  • yy

    well, beta & testing are exactly what they means right? u can just be like me, wait until the actual release as I’m not a tech person .

  • Maheswaran

    I don’t mind the approach of the testing happening from Users. As long as it is not crashing my mobile. In fact I appreciate the first hand experience more than the delayed package. They are not releasing a new car, so I don’t have to worry about my safety during the test period. The sheer pleasure remains in getting it at the earliest.