World of Goo headed to Android as GooDroid

2D Boy, makers of the famous indie hit, World of Goo, have announced that the title is coming to Android phones and tablets in the very near future. Apparently they have been working on this for a while now, and have since reached the final stages.

We’re just working out the final kinks in the machinery. More info on GooDroid soon.

If you missed World of Goo on Steam and WiiWare, it’s a physics-based puzzle / construction game.  You use your goo balls to create structures that allow other goo balls to reach an exit point. Check out the video past the break to see what I mean. 2D Boy has assured us that the title will debut in the Android Market. No word yet on pricing, but some speculate that the developers will opt for a free ad-supported option since the game already has garnered plenty of popularity else-where. Either way we’ll keep you posted!

[via droidgamers]