Motorola Xoom WiFi Gets OTA Update With New Android Market

The Xoom forums are buzzing with word of a new OTA update for Motorola’s WiFi edition tab. The latest build, #HTK75D, brings with it the new Market and still runs Android 3.2.1. If you haven’t yet been prompted, check for the update in your settings menu and let us know what you think!

[via ac]

  • Jim Farmer

    My Xoom updated to this build earlier this evening, bringing along with it a fairly ugly new market. I didn’t think it looked bad on the phone, but not a fan of its looks on the tablet, especially “my apps”.

    All that being said, it does seem to work a bit better, and having the categories like “top new free” is nice.

    But why can I still not rate or review an app?!?

  • Rich

    Jim – you can leave reviews and ratings – just go to the app (my apps > choose an app > click on the apps name in the right pane) and it’s on the left.

  • DThor

    I must admit, I preferred the previous release. Keeping apps and movies as separate categories was a good thing, maybe they think that by muddling them together at the top layer I’m more likely to drop $5 on a movie rental I’m not interested in, but it just gets in my way. I just find I’m doing more pass-through clicking(pressing?) now. Plus, as mentioned, My Apps seems to have forgotten how to format nicely for landscape.
    I do like the slightly darker theme, not a fan of screaming white interfaces, so the more google offers at least the option of slightly darker interfaces, the better.

  • Lughead

    Fix the dissappearing email bug….

  • Jamers

    I have noticed since the update my wifi only xoom will no longer connect to the wifi hotspot from my AT&T phone. Wonder if that was intentional?