Samsung Mobile is adopting PenTile technology for their upcoming HD displays

There has been a lot of controversy with PenTile displays, which Motorola has used for some time. There are some that swear it is the worst display, and others who don’t see an issue.

PenTile screens use neighboring pixels to approximate the colors. Since the pixels are not aligned, they have a characteristic cross hatch pattern in order to make the color approximation possible. Since we need two pixels to display most colors, most of the time PenTile screens are effectively displaying half the claimed resolution.

Now it looks like Motorola is backing off for using PenTile technology, but Samsung is adopting it for their HD displays. You will notice for the Samsung Galaxy S II, it utilizes a Super AMOLED Plus (800 x 480) screen. Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy S II HD, but its display is Super AMOLED HD. The omission of the “plus” or “+”  means it’s just a reconfigured Galaxy S II screen. The physical reality is that the new Galaxy S II HD screen is almost identical to the Galaxy S II, but will be advertised to have an HD resolution of 1280 x 720.

This type of technology will most likely find its way into the Nexus Prime as well. Samsung has been a leader in displays so I am hopeful we won’t have the same kind of controversy as we had with Motorola phones.

[via phandroid]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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