Motorola XOOM 2 tablets could ship this November and December

Ever since this past weekend when the Motorola XOOM 2 and XOOM2 Media Edition were leaked and captured on camera, everybody wants to know when they will be released. DigiTimes is reporting that they will ship in November and December. They are reporting there is a  10.1-inch version and a 7-inch version. They could be incorrect with the 7-inch screen size, but don’t forget there was a leaked photo of a 7-inch version, and we did hear of the possibility that they will offer a XOOM 2 Mini. We also heard the 7-inch was possibly scrapped in favor of the 8.2-inch Media Edition.

We can’t be surprised of this news since Sanjay Jha did say there would be 2 more LTE tablets this year. We know the XOOM 2 and the XOOM 2 Media Edition will have LTE, so it’s most likely going to be those two devices, and not the Mini.

[via digitimes]

  • Himesh Patel

    PLEEEASSSSE add a digitiser, or just roll aside and let galaxy and asus take over