Microsoft Reportedly Working on Bing Android App

It seems that Microsoft has a Bing App underway for Android. I personally don’t care much about Bing, but if you happen to, be on the lookout. If it is anything like Bing’s iPhone app, it will have a slick interface, and include features such as bookmarking and sharing. It will also include turn-by-turn directions (can’t we already do those things?), and all other basic functions already available on Bing, such as searching by images, videos, and the ability to have multiple tabs open at once. Throw in weather, movie listing, and the ability to search by businesses, and it looks like Android users will have a killer alternative to Google. I, however, will be sticking by ol’ Google on this one!

[via: cnet]

  • rhY

    Great! Now I can get inferior search results on my phone!!! LOL

  • TheNetAvenger

    Yes we can do those things; however, bing offers a couple of things we can’t.

    There are also times bing maps are more accurate and the location based search results are better.

    Google searches are more of a everything thrown in, and there are times I miss the precision of bing results and end up loading the bing page, especially for the grouping based on search content.

    Why not have the choice of both, it just makes the android platform more appealing, especially to windows mobile and blackberry users that might switch that are use to their bing and microsoft apps.