Xperia PLAY 2.3.4 Update, Stock Camera Now Records 720p With Continuous Autofocus

According to members over at the XDA forms, the stock 2.3.4 update for the Xperia PLAY brings 720p recording with continuous auto focus. It doesn’t seem that the 2.3.4 update has hit everyone just yet, but the word is coming from a batch of users that have gotten it already. Nice job Sony Ericsson, keep up the good work. Hit up the break for a sample video from XDA poster Nhialor. Any readers out there able to confirm from their devices as well?

[via xda]

  • Niall Watchorn (Nhialor)

    Hey man, that’s my video, I’m Nhialor on XDA, just to let u no that I’ve upped an example of the autofocus on the Xperia Play 2.3.4 camera just to show off how it works, works a charm :-)

    • Harold Williams

      Hey Nhialor, I was just about to make sure I mentioned you in the post and it looks like I did. Thanks for stopping by! Mind if I update this with your latest video?

  • Marck Lizardo

    My Xperia PLAY won’t update. It’s been telling me that it’s using the latest software… I don’t know what to do.

    • Mr Money768

      Let me guess……. Do u have the AT&T Version? If U Do, that version on the at&t can not be updated yet

  • zaki

    i’ve updated mine, it didnt upgrade my stock camera

    • Bernard25

      mine has the latest software.. bought today.. no 720p on my camera either.. or touch focus on the standard camera.

  • Guest

    Just got the verizon update today ota