Homemade Android MegaPad brings a monster 23-inch screen

Bigger is better right? Our phones are getting bigger and bigger, but our tablets seem to be stuck at 10-inches. I would think manufacturers will start to push the 10-inch boundary soon. Android modder Martin Drashkov is already thinking ahead because he just made the largest Android device I have seen. He more than doubled current high-end tablets with a 23-inch touchscreen.

He is calling it the MegaPad, and it only cost him $600 to build. Sure movies make a lot of sense on a screen this size, but Martin thinks it’s perfect for “simultaneous use by two users” and that it will “open up new possibilities that demand different apps.”

Sure it’s too big to carry with you, but most people are leaving their tablets at home anyways.

Check out the video:

[via androidandme]

  • Curt

    Interesting to say the least…….