Desk Pets TankBot for Android

We’ve seen some pretty awesome remote control toys with Android control lately, like the Parrot AR Drone and the BlueDrone Race Car, but perhaps the price tag on those were just a bit too high. Desk Pets has something for you. They’ve just released the “TankBot,” a palm sized treaded robot you can control with an Android app. This is achieved via a universal remote plugged into your headphone jack, so make sure your device is on the compatibility list. The robot charges over USB, so potentially you could charge it with your Android device, provided it can be a USB host (typical of Honeycomb tablets). The battery life admittedly does not receive the gold star of approval at a mere 15 minutes. Nevertheless, its a neat little gizmo that can be had for $25.

Also, Developers, Desk Pets has open sourced the TankBot and they’re looking for developers‘ cool ideas. The top five ideas they receive will in turn get a free TankBot to develop with.

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[via engadget]