Cyanogenmod 6.0 out and making a formidable stance in the modding community

Cyanogenmod released their 6.0 RC1 version recently for the Nexus One, Dream, Magic and Droid. I personally downloaded their version for the Droid via RomManager and have been using it for the last 48 hours paired with the ChevyNo1 1.1GHz ultra low voltage kernel. The combination is very stable and fast with no issues so far like I have had with other mods such as intermittent WiFi and lags. Version 6 builds off of Froyo 2.2 (FRF84B), which rooted phones, have had for some time now, giving you the latest and greatest.

The biggest thing I have noticed with this mod is the impressive battery life. I have been using my phone nonstop for phone calls and internet for the last 4 hours and I am still at 90%. Usually by now I am lucky to be pushing 60% battery. I will be running some tests over the next few days and let you know how it goes. In the mean time if you want to try the ROM for yourself head on over to or download it via RomManager.

Just as a reminder rooting and flashing your phone can cause instabilities or even brick your phone. Care should be taken when modding your phone. We accept no responsibilities for damage resulting from installing this or any other software.

  • lkhfklof

    hm my battery life has been worse under CM 6.0-RC1 than under the Modaco Froyo ROM r21… I did notice I had the Qik app checking every 15 minutes (by default!!!) for new video messages, turned that off geez, so maybe it’ll improve now. We’ll see…

  • Andrew Luecke

    Pity there is none for the Galaxy S yet.

  • KLoNe

    Come on Galaxy S ROM! :)

  • Mitchell Hislop

    Where did you get that kernel from?