Inductive Charging Brought to Samsung Galaxy S Courtesy of Modder…With No Voided Warranty

If you’re looking for some real mod-fu, check out the inductive charging mod that a fellow name Qian Qin performed on his Samsung Galaxy S. Qin was looking to get inductive charging going on his Galaxy S, so he decided to go out and purchase a Palm Pre inductive battery cover and Touchstone base for his modding needs. His stipulations for the mod were that it couldn’t be outwardly visible and it couldn’t void his warranty. Low and behold, the man succeeded, by implanting the Palm Pre inductive charging chip in the back cover of the Galaxy S, leading a wire from the chip to the charging port, and using the microSD mount as a ground point. Qin then posted a visual representation of his modding skills via YouTube. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

[via engadget]