HTC gets second chance in Apple patent dispute

With all of Apple’s latest lawsuits a-many, it could be hard to stay up to date with who and why Apple is suing. On July 15th an ITC judge determined that HTC infringed on two out of four patents that were in question. The patents found to infringe are, software that allows transmission of multiple types of data, and a system that identifies a phone number in an email allowing the receiver to direct dial the number simply by clicking on it.

Luckily for HTC, the U.S. Trade commission recently decided to review the judges findings and will ultimately decide the fate of HTC and its U.S. product line. HTC is happy about the decision for review, “and we are confident in our case,” said HTC spokesman, Adam Emery. If found guilty a ban may be placed on all of their Android based phones which equate to 36% of all U.S. Android based phones. Apple doing what they do best, countered the finding and said that if the commission opted to review the patents that were infringed, the agency also should consider the two that were found to not be infringed.

December 6th will be the deadline for the ITC to make a final decision on patent infringement. Also taken into account will be validity and interpretation topics, and whether Apple had fulfilled a requirement that the company show it was using inventions in the two patents that are in debate.

With the possibility of a HTC-Android ban only a couple months away HTC had this to say: “The exclusion of HTC accused devices from the U.S. market would not only eliminate the most popular brand of smart-phones using Android, the fastest-growing mobile operating system, but would also impact the public health, safety, and welfare concerns of individual U.S. consumers.”

How would you feel if your beloved HTC could only sell Windows based phones here in the United States? Feel free to let your anger flow in the comment field below.

[via bloomberg]

  • Jay Lopez

    Ohh really? if they dont want a massive problem they will NOT touch our HTC devices, I just left my G2X-LG phone for the new Mytouch 4G Slide! and I gotta tell you, HTC is totally awesome. I really dont think that they can ban HTC!! it runs ANDROID!

  • Bobby Z

    I used to just want more from my phone, I was tired of these little slow release games Apple plays like not allowing video apps or capability until iPhone 4 was almost released, blocking the capabilities of the phone with their constant jailbreak fixes, etc. I just wanted a phone that could just do. That led me to my first phone, the HTC Desire. Been hooked ever since to Android devices. I can’t see myself ever going back. I would go from not preferring Apple, to hating and loathing them in the strongest sense of the word. I would hope that millions would boycott Apple. Can’t stand their crybaby and hit tactics.

  • Bobby Z

    I can’t stand Apple but…how would this affect our health, safety and welfare though? Unless apple is using uranium in their production line, something has been lost in translation. (Apple.. the rock in your shoe)