Sony Ericsson’s Xpera Play On Verizon Is Receiving An Update For 2.3.3

With no update documentation to be found, there seems to be an update for 2.3.3 going out to Xperia Play owners on Verizon. The update is probably for bug fixes, but without any official documentation we can’t be sure. If you own one head into Settings -> About and see if you can pull the update. Note that the build number should be 3.0.1.E.0.88. Let us know what you find.

[via droidlife]

  • Spideralex90

    I’m downloading the update right now.

  • Brendan

    Just did this update and it caused my messaging app (the stock messaging application) to crash fatally. I cleared app data, did a soft reset and eventually had to do a factory reset to resolve the issue. Coincidence? I think not. Highly improbable.

  • Brendan

    The Media Server App is noteworthy and is part of the update. It allows u to access your R800X from other device via wifi, home computer, PS3, etc.