Droid X 4.5.605 Update Coming Soon

We all know how buggy the original Gingerbread update was for the Droid X. Those issues were slowly fixed with updates, but the one lasting issue was the buggy keyboard. Well Droid X fans, it appears you guys can finally say that all of your Gingerbread problems have been addressed. The latest fix comes in at a whopping 113 MB, but if it works, who’s complaining? The fix will start rolling out on the 19th.

[via Verizon]

  • Nick C

    Oh thank jeebus. I was pumped to get gingerbread when it launched and immediately afterwards, I wanted froyo back. Maybe ill finally be able to enjoy my X again.

  • http://www.talkandroid.com Harold Williams

    THey need to fix that darn car dock speaker phone bug too.

  • Larry Mao

    Not all of them. I’m actually surprised that Motorola is releasing this small update to fix, of all things, the keyboard. There are far more serious bugs that have yet to be addressed, from having the phone turn itself back on after you turn it off, to wifi connectivity problems, and 3G drops.

    Motorola’s been pretty mum on what it will fix, or what it is working on, so most of us are left in the dark about what progress they are making toward fixing all the substantial problems that remain.

  • Curt

    The phone dock speaker bug is not a software related issue. The magnet that activates the dock software is too close to the speaker, not letting the speaker do its job. It is a mechanical issue and no software will fix it.

  • http://www.talkandroid.com Harold Williams

    @Curt – the bug is that when you have the phone in the car dock playing music through the AUX jack, after removing the phone, the phone is stuck in speakerphone mode. This didn’t happen in Froyo.

  • Sean

    Ditto Nick C. My phone was tolerable with the first update, then they went and fixed the camera and that broke my autofocus.

  • Curt

    @Harold – Ok…. I thought you were talking about the speaker not working on the car dock….. I don’t use the 3.5mm jack while in the car…..

    That is what happens when I assume something :D

  • http://www.talkandroid.com Harold Williams

    @Curt – No worries =). Appreciate you here commenting along with our posts regardless.

  • http://www.phelpstek.com Brian

    I’m getting a chime or quick, low ring every 15 minutes. This started with the 4.5.602 update last week. 4.5.605 didn’t fix this. Anyone else see this bug? It’s extremely annoying. I’m getting a short chime, followed by 2 or 3 more achimes at about 2 second intervals. Sometimes that’s followed by another chime 5 seconds later. It’s predictable. I can watch the status bar as it occurs and there is NO indication of which or any application that it might be associated with

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone else have issues with their Pandora since they updated to gingerbread. Mine worked great until the update. Now it will look like it’s playing but will not have any sound. It will also play one song then stop. It never did this with froyo. I’ve tried taking it off and reinstalling but that doesn’t work either. I used it a lot for bedtime lullabies for my baby and everytime it would stop my baby would almost be asleep. Of course when it would stop, he would raise his head and look at me like “What the heck mom” It’s just irritating!

  • stinkypinky

    the speaker bug is truly annoying. if you still hate the keyboard there is a free app called gingerbread keyboard that i’ve been using since i got gingerbread and it’s been totally bug free. the speaker thing is beyond annoying. i’ve had decent success backing out of the music player then killing everything with ATK before disconnecting the jack. it’s annoying, but it takes less time than dialing *86 and turning off the speaker phone.

  • Matt

    Just got my update today. Been having serious 3G issues of late, so hopefully I see some improvement.

    Good luck to the rest of you with your upgrades! :)

  • nick

    So this update did absolutely nothing to fix any real problems. I’ve never had a problem with my touch keyboard…. but there’s so many other bugs… this is annoying.

  • Thom

    I uninstalled the Lookout virus app and my phone has been running like I just bought it-no exaggeration here. Along with this update I received new system icons with refreshed colors. Was I behind on my updates?

  • http://www.massageindy.com shonn

    My update arrived early this morning. Color scheme and home screen layout changes we’re part of this update. This new keyboard does a mini vibrate with each press which is annoying and surely uses more precious battery.

  • pissedthefuckoff


  • Linda

    Anyone know how to go into Contacts and delete the history with that contact now? Used to be you could just bring them up and swipe the page to the right, which would then give you the option.

  • Paul

    Any one else seeing their battery draining way more quickly after this update? I went from almost two days to less than one.

  • Mwright1226

    i was Z4 rooted on Froyo and this is a gingerbread update so it changed it back to gingerbread from froyo so that was an easy root upgrade. the keyboard bug is still there and it wasnt there when i SBF’d to froyo..

    still annoyed with the keyboard. about to re-install go keyboard.