T-Mobile outs 2 ‘myTouch by LG’ phones via YouTube

Our friends over at AndroidGuys noticed three videos that were recently uploaded to T-Mobile USA’s account, but were marked as private. They appear to be tutorial videos on the camera feature of a device(s). The still shot of the phone in two of the videos looks a lot like the LG Optimus Hub (aka Univa).

The titles of the videos is where things get interesting. One file had the name Camera Touch 1280×720 and the other had Camera QWERTY 1280×720. It appears that we might be looking at two different devices. Back in May, we showed you a T-Mobile roadmap, and for November we saw the planned release of the LG Maxx and LG Maxx Q. These videos could very well feature those devices, but most likely Maxx is just a code name.

Now lets look at the third video, which has a title of GeniusQWERTY 320×480 w audio 081511. The Genius button usually appears on T-Mobile’s myTouch line, which should mean that these devices are actually going to be myTouch devices. If that isn’t enough, check the top of each of the devices as you will see the myTouch branding.

[via androidguys]

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