Android rises to #2 in the EU5

The July report from comScore is in and Android market share more than doubled. Since this past July, 1in 4 smartphone users in the EU5 were using an Android platform. Of Android manufacturers, HTC had the most share followed by Samsung.

“Smartphone adoption has seen significant growth from the previous year, driven in large part by the increasing popularity of the Google Android platform,” said Jeremy Copp, comScore Europe vice president for Mobile. “Although Symbian continues to lead the EU5 smartphone market, Android is gaining fast and recently passed Apple to become the second most popular platform. Network operators, publishers and advertisers looking to effectively reach the European mobile audience must pay close attention to the continued growth of Android in the region, as it will likely have far-reaching implications for the mobile media landscape.”

Check out the comScore charts after the break.

[via comScore]

About the Author: Jim Farmer

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  • Richard

    As an anti-Apple type person, one conclusion the figures show is that Android’s advance appears to be at the cost of Symbian, not iOS, which has continued to grow and has increased its market. So Apple is still doing extremely well!

    Another conclusion is that HTC’s lead in the Android market appears to be thanks to its huge lead in the UK, the only market in which it’s out-performing Samsung. Given the release of the SII and re-positioning of Samsung’s other their models, while HTC haven’t got a new “wow” handset out there, the next quarter’s results will be interesting for Samsung…

    (And of course with the iPhone5 out soon, the numbers for the quarter after THAT will be interesting, to see whether it will be only existing iOS fans upodating, or whether it will take more market share from others, notably Microsoft)