NTP at it again filing new suits against Google, Apple, Microsoft and others

In case you have not heard of NTP it is the patent holding company that went after RIM in 2006 with a similar suit in which RIM settled for $612 million. After an appellate court found that NTP had legal grounds for the suit they have moved on now filing against Google, Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, LG and HTC. The suit is based on patents that NTP hold on wireless email which come on now everyone uses these days on their phones.

Since RIM settled and now along with Nokia are licensing with NTP they are not named in the new suit along with Palm whose current suit is on hold. With the odds stacked up against them none of the companies named have released any statements but if and when they do we will keep you up to date.

I don’t know about you but I use my phone for e-mail constantly and would be lost without it.

[via bgr]

  • http://farmdawgnation.com Matt Farmer

    I did a post on this on my blog as well. Well, kind of. I didn’t want to do a whole post on it, because yesterday I wrote an essay about FlashPoint suing several phone makers….

    What’s the deal lately? Is it just open season on the mobile phone vendors?

  • http://arfunk.com Andy

    This is so aggravating! The NTP patents are, as I understand, for work done in 1990. The patents were likely issued without sufficient investigation of prior art. Amateur “ham” radio operators had an international, wireless email network operating in the 1980s. Much about this is documented in the “Proceedings of the ARRL Computer Networking Conference[s],” published annually by the American Radio Relay League (arrl.org).