German Retailers Can Continue To Sell And Restock Galaxy Tab 10.1

Well isn’t this is interesting. We reported the other day that Apple was successful in getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany, but it looks like there are some loopholes. It turns out that though Samsung Germany can no longer sell or advertise the Tab 10.1, this doesn’t apply to everyone else. This means that other retailers do not have to remove the device from their shelves and can continue to sell them. They will also be able to replenish their stock as long as the devices aren’t purchased through Samsung’s German branch. While this still poses a bit of a pain to reroute shipments from somewhere else, a retailer like Media Markt is simply rerouting their shipments from the Netherlands. So close, but still so far Apple. Nice try though. What do you all think about this?

[via osnews]

  • wumps13

    i think this german court is so stupid because :

    * They want Apple to have monopoly with tablet ? This is great with free market rules !

    * They should bought glasses the Samsung 7,7″ 16/10 size design has nothing to do with ipad 9,3″ (or something like that) 4/3 screen.

    This is (&@^&%* !

  • Dale

    Serves ya right apple. They are so damn arogant that they think they are the only ones that have the right to make tablets and touch screen phones. All they are doing is slowing inovation of they spent half the amount of mobey and put half the amount of effort into ios that they do sueing people they would have a much better product and probly have alot more users.

  • kman

    Im all for companies being able to protect their IP but Apple is not looking good by doing the abusive monopoly route.

    This tablet war is stupid on their part.

  • Eirik

    Serves Apple right. People will allways find these loopholes as long they want alternatives.

  • The Great DudeO

    Apple is just doing all this suing coz it is unable to keep up with its production release cycle. I also find that the German court is quite screwed up. They allowed Apple to get away with manipulating evidence and they actually believe that Samsung tablets resembles the iPad. Does the iPad have a camera located at the centre top, or a plastic back, or a camera with resolution higher than its screen..? No!

  • djdenero

    Chuckling to myself as the index finger is pointed towards ape-all. Reality check for the iSheep marketing team! Marketing isn’t reality, reality isn’t marketing! All hail the Droid! haha!