Hidden Lock, the Perfect Lockscreen for your Android Device [Courtesy of XDA]

Sick of all the regular lockscreen replacements just giving you a different slider to use? Well, XDA member Marinelli.Tv is offering up something a little bit different with Hidden Lock. Hidden Lock has no passwords, no codes to enter, and no patterns to unlock. Want to see how this works? Hit the break for the market link and QR code plus a video demonstration showing this app off. Let us know what you think.

Market link

[via xda]

  • http://www.facebook.com/billnewl William Newland

    Hate it

  • http://xyrer.wordpress.com Gustav Xyrer

    It has some problems with hardware keys, they still respond and ignore the lock, otherwise a cool idea.

  • Lookn4Me

    Stay away from this app! It locked my Photon 4g up so badly I had to do a complete hard reset/wipe. IT DOES NOT WORK…. Delete!

  • http://www.kissimmeemarketing.com Sean Gum

    Works great on my LG Optimus V. The hardware keys do get blocked on mine. I upgraded to the Pro version. Can’t go wrong for 99 cents. It’s enough to keep prying eyes out if I leave it somewhere.

  • Darryl

    Well it may be good for some but i tried it and was not able to unlock it so all i had to do was remove battery put it back reboot and it was not active anymore so i would suggest anyone who thinks their phone is locked with it try the battery thingy and reboot and see if it is still locked if it is good i think it would be a good test to see. Hey just a thought from the original Mr Gadget

  • X pierottaman

    I bought the pro version. Actually it has many flaws, but the competitors are not better. I guess lockscreens’ usability is much worse withe the present generation of phones.