Trillian for Android, multi-IM app coming soon!

As a desktop Trillian user since the 2.0 days, I’ve had to sit by and watch as the Android platform was overlooked in favor of other mobile platforms. Well not any more! Cerculean Studio’s announced today via their blog that the popular IM application is headed for Android, with many of the same features used by the desktop version of Trillian:

  • Connect to Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP and MySpaceIM
  • Synchronize your contacts, avatars, status, accounts and more with your Trillian-enabled desktop or mobile apps
  • Get notified easily with Android notification system integration
  • Contact list sorting, grouping, metacontacts support, privacy settings and various ways to organize
  • Set status, avatar and display name quickly in one simple screen
  • Tabbed chat windows with bubble view, photo transfer, buzz and emoticon support

By this point you guys who are stuck with older versions of Android are probably thinking “Great, another 2.0+ app” well you’d be wrong!

  • Support for Android phones as far back as version 1.6 – works with your good old T-Mobile G1 or the newest HTC Evo 4G or Motorola Droid!
  • We took special care and respect to design and build the user interface to smoothly integrate with Android – this is not just a clone from the iPhone!

I personally can’t wait for this app to be released. I’ll leave you with a few tasty screenshots:

[via Cerculean Studios]

  • Henrik

    Also don’t miss who already has a multi protocol IM client for Android!

  • Darrin D

    Nice! I love Trillian and was rather jealous with their iPhone app! Now I am incredibly happy ^_^ I am a proud Trillian Pro user since 2.0 (and used their free clients before that).