DROIDAX to release a Samsung Galaxy SII Power Pack to increase battery life by as much as 300 hours in standby

Looking at getting a Samsung Galaxy SII in the near future? Fine and dandy, but what about those who need more battery life? Fortunately, DROIDAX will have you covered. The company will be releasing  a compact power pack for $49.95, that will give you:

  • as much as seven hours extra talk time
  • as much as six hours extra Internet time
  • as much as 10 hours extra movie time
  • up to 40 hours extra music time; and
  • 300 extra hours on standby.

On top of that, the power pack will let you charge the phone and pack without removing the phone from the pack itself, as well as use LED light bars to show you mow much pwer your pack currently has.

The power pack is slated for release on 9/14/11.

Be sure to hit the break for the full presser, and let us know what you think of this upcoming product in the comments below.

August 31, 2011

Android mobile accessories company DROIDAX has announced a stylish compact Power Pack costing just $49.95 that significantly boosts the battery runtime of Samsung’s new Galaxy SII handset.

Scheduled to ship in Australia and the US by mid-September, the DROIDAX Power Pack for Samsung Galaxy SII is a slimline, protective case which incorporates a 1650mAh battery. The Power Pack boosts performance for the Android-based handset to deliver:

  • as much as seven hours extra talk time
  • as much as six hours extra Internet time
  • as much as 10 hours extra movie time
  • up to 40 hours extra music time; and
  • 300 extra hours on standby.

The easy-to-use Power Pack for Samsung Galaxy SII allows you to charge both the Power Pack and the phone without removing the case while cutouts provide full access to the screen and all ports, jacks and buttons. The case comprises a two-piece design for easy installation and removal of the phone.

The Power Pack for Samsung Galaxy SII also contains LED battery indicators to show how much juice is left in the pack. The case measures 4.9 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches and weighs just 2.3 ounces (or 6.6 ounces with the handset). The lightweight moulded case has a rubberised, non-scratch finish as well as short circuit and overcharge protection.

About DROIDAX http://www.droidax.com

DROIDAX is an innovative company that specialises in the design and development of accessories for Android-powered mobile phones and tablets. Committed to providing customers with quality, stylish products, DROIDAX works closely with its partners to deliver products that will enhance the user’s mobile device experience DROIDAX sells its products in the US, Canada and Australia. The Power Pack will soon be available for sale worldwide.

  • http://www.howtoandroid.net Varu Smm @ howtoandroid.net

    This will be really helpful. Though if you root your SGS2 and update to 2.3.4 battery issue is mostly solved. But it will be really gr8 to have this for all users.

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    looks like iPhone 4 has met its match. even iPhone 5 i suppose.


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