Google Bids to Acquire Hulu, Traditional Media Networks to Suffer Possible Aneurism

Google acquisitions are nothing new and anyone keeping a somewhat vigilant eye on the company knows that they’re not afraid to spend big money to bring high profile companies under their overarching umbrella. That said, if sources are to believed, Google may be making a bigger splash than normal with an attempted acquisition of Hulu. To find out more, click in after the break.

Hulu had gone on the record a few months ago, announcing that it was selling a good chunk of its content. Potential buyers for the content include Amazon, Dish Network, and Yahoo for a predicted $1.5 – 2 billion, however it appears Google plans to outbid them all for not only the content, but the entire company for possibly twice as much as the other companies are offering. Given Google’s issues with getting major networks on board with GoogleTV, this would be a huge gain for them.

Still, while Google certainly has the monetary ability to complete this transaction, it seems a bit of a stretch that such a deal would pan out. Given that Hulu’s content is provided by a consortium of companies (FOX, NBC, and Disney) that have rebutted Google’s attempts at using their content previously (GoogleTV), there would need to be something else on the table to pique their interest. Also, Google is already under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission for its massive acquisitions, and the loss of the only major competitor to Google’s own YouTube is certain to raise some eyebrows.

With all of this on the table, this next week should turn out to be interesting. Rest assured, we’ll keep our eyes glued on the news feeds and will be sure to update our ever vigilant readers with the information they need. So what do you think? Would a Google/Hulu alliance be a positive thing for users? Let us know in the comments!

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