Liquid Mini Gets Ferrari Edition Makeover

Acer’s Liquid Mini may not be the fastest Android device available, but due to a sweet little custom remodel job, the Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition sure makes it look the fastest. It’s jam-packed with all the stylish markings you could wish for: a lustrous red exterior embellished with the iconic Ferrari shield, dark chrome trims and elegant buttons along with preloaded Ferrari engine ringtones, racing-themed wallpaper and more. All that’s missing is a set of vanity plates and you’re dressed to impress.

The remodel includes appearance-only upgrades however, so this Gingerbread running device will keep the same 512MB of RAM, 600MHz processor, 3.2-inch display and 5 megapixel camera as offered by the original.

Hit the break for a link to Acer’s Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition page.

[via acer]

Acer’s Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition

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