DROID X Gingerbread 4.5.602 SBF Released

Calling all Droid X users, your safety net is here. We now have a .602 SBF for the most current Gingerbread version to save us if we get stuck in our rooting adventures. Since we can root this device very easily, you should absolutely add this file to your toolbox of rooting goodies just in case. There is also a new RSD Lite to aid you in your troubles. Hit us up in the comments if you need any help.

Download them both right here: 4.5.602 SBF / RSDLite 5.4.4

[via mydroidworld]

  • Choonami

    OK So I tried installing the latest MIUI ROM before SBFing to .602 (wasn’t aware 1.9 ran on Gingerbread kernel) and now my phone is stuck on the Motorola Logo (I’m using a DX) or the ! Logo if I try to boot into CWM Recovery. RSDLite isn’t able to see my phone because it can’t boot into any mode.


    • BurtonSnol3orde

      Not to help you but maybe someone else is stuck here.  Pull battery, hold vol+ and vol- while turning it on.  Should boot into bootloader.  Connect via usb to computer and re-run RSDLite with the SBF file you want to install.  

  • King

    Just pull the battery and replace it, then hold down home and press power then select FACTORY DATA RESET & WIPE CACHE. Should fix the problem.