DROID Prime (SCH-I515) gets WiFi certified, Nexus Prime (GT-I9250) gets Bluetooth SIG treatment

We are definitely moving closer to the launch of the DROID Prime or whatever the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone will be called. The only thing we know for sure is the model number, which is SCH-I515, and it has received WiFi certification. Last week it went though Bluetooth SIG, and speaking of Bluetooth, the real Nexus Prime (GT-I9250) received Bluetooth certification as well.

Many have speculated that these phones are the same, and the Verizon version will be called the DROID Prime. It is unlikely that both devices will have the “Prime” name, and it is more unlikely that Verizon will get a true Nexus device. Both phones are rumored to be out in October, so it shouldn’t take long to put all the puzzle pieces together.

[via wifi and bluetooth]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Wolfie

    Bah DROID Prime or BIONIC

  • Joe

    WHY do u say that:
    it is unlikely that Verizon will get
    a true Nexus device?
    I’m just a curious verizon customer.

    • http://talkandroid.com Robert Nazarian


      I would love to be wrong, but Verizon is not the type of carrier to allow a fully open and bloatware free device on their network. Time will tell.