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Your next smartphone or tablet could be THX certified

If you like the finest in audio quality, than you will be happy to know that the THX badge could be slapped on your next smartphone or tablet. THX is best known for certifying high end audio equipment, including speakers.

THX senior vice president Rick Dean says that smartphone and tablets are becoming more important for content delivery, and he is looking for ways his company could improve the experiences of users. “We are actively going down that path right now,” he said in a Pocket-lint interview.

“Five years ago, I said that we should really get into the mobile audio world, but they said, ‘You can’t get a theatrical experience out of that, you’re listening to it with earbuds.’

“But look at the way that music is consumed today,” he added. “And it’s got to the point where I know I can work with a company who makes phones like these here. Maybe produce an app that will improve the user experience.

The fact that mobile devices now hook up to HDTV’s is pushing for this need. More consumers will be using their tablets and phones as overall media players for not just music, but video as well.

It is unknown how THX will bring about better audio and video. The best situation would be for certification of the hardware and provide licensed software. It could be either or both. “Whether it’s certification, or whether it’s technology licensing, we’re very much working on both of those worlds,” said Dean.

There is no timeline, but the fact they are starting to work together is enough to get me excited.

[via pocket-lint]

  • The Love

    We already have cellphones with Dolby and HDMI out…
    Cool though, competition is a good thing.