Samsung has “no plans” to release Galaxy Tab 7.7 / Galaxy Note in U.S.? Think again

Ah, international PR – you never fail to amuse us. There have been rumors going through the mill that we stateside folk will never see the Galaxy Tab 7.7 or the Galaxy note. The products were officially released on the European side, but not here in the U.S. of A… so does that mean we’re doomed to never enjoy the yummy goodness?  Really, folks, let’s go over this.

When something is announced in a European venue, i.e. – IFA, MWC, etc., the big players from Europe are there. Sony Ericsson, ASUS… you get the idea. That’s not to say these companies aren’t big players here in the US, but they’re far bigger across the lake. You’ll usually hear things from these companies along the lines of “no set date”, or something similar for the US releases. In American venues, however, we hear “in the coming months” or “by the ‘whatever-th’ quarter of 20-something”. Does this mean we won’t see these European goodies here? Absolutely not.

So hold the faith, my friends, and I can almost promise you we’ll see what we want.

[via gottabemobile]

  • Jono

    Is its screen have scratch resistant, as long as i know if use stylus on the same point very often it will leave a spot on it