HTC Rhyme and Motorola XOOM LTE show up in the latest Verizon MAP list

The latest MAP (minumum advertised price) list has leaked for Verizon Wireless. Last month’s version had an HTC device with ADR6325 as the model number. At that time, we though it might be the white DROID Incredible 2. With this latest version, we now know it is the HTC Rhyme, of which, we recently reported that HTC filed for the “Rhyme” trademark.

So what is the HTC Rhyme? Based on the model number it will probably be a mid-level phone similar to the DROID Incredible 2 and Merge. Based on the name I am expecting it to support Beats by Dr. Dre, but without the headphones as $199 seems too cheap to include headphones. I am not expecting it to be a 4G LTE device.

Also on the MAP list is the Motorola XOOM LTE version, which will be priced at $499 with a 2-year contract. It is likely that it will launch next Thursday along with the Bionic.

[via droid-life]

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