Win a free Verizon Samsung Droid Charge from TalkAndroid and Samsung

What? A free phone!? That’s right, folks. We’ve partnered up with Samsung to give one of our lucky readers a free Verizon Droid charge! The rules are pretty simple:
  1. Follow TalkAndroid on Twitter
  2. Reply to this forum thread telling us why you want / deserve this phone
And that’s it! We’ll be picking a winner Fri, Sept. 9th 2011 at 11:59PM CST and notifying them via PM here in the forums, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Dont forget to check out our review / unboxing of the Verizon Samsung Droid Charge, and good luck!
  • Eric Enriquez

    I deserve this phone because I am a die hard Android fan! I have the original Droid still and in need of an upgrade but by upgrade eligibility isn’t until the end of the year. I used to have an iPhone, but will never go back to iOS. If you don’t support FLASH, there is no use in having HTML full internet browsing. I make fun of people who have an iPhone and call them a “programmed robot, following the crowd and thinking your cool with an iPhone.” lol. I don’t like being average, and having an iPhone makes me feel that way. Not to mention the notification bar and multitasking is something an avid smartphone user like myself needs. With all the love I have for Android, I have to admit my droid phone is hanging on by a thread. I have to charge it everywhere I go and in my car and need to restart it constantly, but I would rather do that than have an iPhone for sure! Please help me Talk Android!!!

  • Danna

    It’s actually my husband who deserves the phone because his is broken and been using a worn out phone from my dad. He’s the best husband and dad.

  • Danna

    Mispelled my email.

    It’s actually my husband who deserves the phone because his is broken and has been using my dad’ss old word out one that bogs down. He’s the best husband, dad and deserves this reward.

  • Rick – FTW


    I really need to win this phone. I can’t afford to buy an Android but I’ve always wanted one, especially one like the Charge. That thing is a beast. My brother has an Android and its so awesome! If I won this, I would have an even better Droid than him :P

    Hope I win!!!

  • Rick – FTW

    Aw wow I thought I was first lol

  • Dustin Karnes

    Just FYI everyone, in order for your entry to count is has to be put in on the forum thread, which is linked in the story. Comments left on the article here won’t count!

  • Jason Lassourreille

    I have a Droidx that must have been manufactured during a drinking holiday. My wife’s doesn’t have the problems mine does and she has the same phone. My screen sticks to the glass and gives an oily look. The phone gets really hot randomly then reboots. Touch screen sometimes doesn’t accept inputs at all. This is my third replacement and I almost threw my phone into on-coming traffic today because it decided to bug out while I was looking for a new Dr.’s office.

  • Bob

    Our family already owns three Samsung Droid Charge smartphones and really enjoy them, especially in Verizon Wireless 4G coverage areas.

    I do wish TalkAndroid would join me in petitioning Samsung and Verizon Wireless to upgrade this great device to Android OS v2.3.4. The older v2.2 loaded on this smartphone is long in the tooth.


  • Adam Stewart

    I’m not allowed to post in that thread.

  • Asif

    Oh I want this phone so much.

  • dan

    Because I never had an actual droid phone.

  • Chris

    Because i lost my iPhone recently…

  • marc

    I deserve this phone because I have a Droid x :( haha

  • Margaret Smith

    I’m entering in hopes of winning this for my husband. Right now, my husband is using a prepaid type of phone that you load each month. He lost his old phone and at the time needed something quick, so he picked up this no frills phone. My husband would be so thrilled to have this Droid with all the extras. Thanks so much.

  • Scott Martin

    Have you seen my phone…I could really use a new one.



  • pflorin

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Apollo 3.2-inch with 600Mhz CPU and there is no Samsung Gingerbread for this device plus the specs are very limited and the GPU lacks 3D and besides all that i live in a country where Android and Samsung Android based device needs more promotion then ever people here still belive Nokia is the best brand around (go figure). I would really really really appriciate if you can offer it to me to have a greater experience in Android enviroment with a far greater hardware then the Galaxy 3. Thanks

  • Cindy H

    This would be an amazing win! My sons birthday is Sept. 9th and he really could use a new phone!! Thank you so much for the chance! This phone looks sooo awesome!

  • Jason Nesslage

    I have just recently returned from Iraq and have been away for over a year. I am so behind on electronics and especially a smart-phone. I am so anxious to own this smart-phone that I will probably cry. Well I’m sure whoever wins will be very excited! Jason

  • Nadine L

    I follow TalkAndroid on Twitter (@eyzofblu63) as for why I deserve the phone, I don’t know, I don’t think I deserve it more than anyone else. But do I want it? YES!! I still have an 8 year old flip phone that doesn’t do a thing. I need to upgrade badly.

  • nickie

    Because my current phone has been tossed around by my son for the last 2 years :(


  • karla johnson

    This would be a dream of mine to win a phone of this caliber! I honestly had no idea there were phones like this until I went on a company trip to Manilla over Mothers Day. My company provided us with the phone for the trip. I was in tears when I had to send it back to them. My son moved out and broke his phone and cannot afford another one, if I win, I will send him my old phone. I can’t wait to twitter and facebook everyone about my new Droid!

  • Alex

    I deserve this phone because I am a first gen android user that is stuck with a first gen phone while.those I introduced to android are rocking better and faster phones than their leader.

  • Maheswaran

    I don’t deserve this phone because …….
    Hmmm I don’t find any reason..
    Ho is the question Why I deserve this phone?…
    Ahem.. Because I don’t find any reason to tell why I don’t deserve this smart piece of phone .

  • Jill Myrick

    My phone has seen much better days.
    It is my original cell phone that I purchased several years ago and has no bells or whistles.
    It has been used by each of my children over the years and has finally found it’s way back to me.

    After all of the years and children that this phone has seen I would love to have a new phone just for me. One that is nice and shiny, with bells and whistles, all of it’s original paint and an unscratched screen.

    Thank you so much for the generous giveaway.


  • Jill Myrick

    I am following via Twitter as jlsc123.


  • Diane Baum

    Far out, cool I tweeted as @natmmom-follow too
    My cell phone is so old my kids laugh at it!

  • Dara Nix

    I follow @TalkAndroid on Twitter (@Kitty32504) and I would LOVE to win this phone because I still have a vintage LG phone (a VX5500) that I am SO embarrassed to be seen with in public!

    Dara Nix
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  • Breanne

    I follow on Twitter @RazzMyBerry

    I want this phone because my current one is 5 years old!

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    I am die hard Android lover, and am a core member of a Mobile Computing Research Group, in my college (BITS Pilani) that focuses entirely on the Android platform for undertaking and completing projects that are of immense value for several factions of society. You can check out our website here

    You would see that we have done and are still doing several ground breaking projects, which are all based on the Android platform, and lastly, I do not own an Android phone yet, and rely strictly on Eclipse and ADT and on the Android emulator to learn, understand and get things done.

    Would love to own an Android phone.

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    also, I am following you guys on Twitter. My username is @wrahool

  • Matt Kalist

    I follow @TalkAndroid (@Buddro69)and would love to own a Droid phone. I’ve had HTC and Samsung phones, but never a Motorola (Droid) type phone. Would love to able to compare.

  • Shannon Webb

    I follow TalkAndroid on twitter as IvannaPlayToo.
    I would love a new phone. Up until now I have been getting the free phones, I have 3 kids and my phone has ended up in the toilet and in trash (babies love phones). Now they are older and I can have a normal phone…. I would love to be able to text (or at least text easier). Thanks and have a blessed day!!!

  • carol y l

    My hubby has the phone. I have none. Pretty sad, but I would love one! I need one!
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  • susan smoaks

    twitter follower @fdp4life i would love to win because it’s time for me to get a smart phone