Mozilla Upping the Ante on the Tablet Version of Firefox Mobile

Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile browser has been one of the more popular browsers on the Android Market since its release. Considering its popularity in the desktop arena, this isn’t such a huge surprise, though it also just happens to be a useful and attractive browser. According to Ian Barlow of the Mozilla Mobile Team however, Firefox Mobile is about to get even better for tablet users. Barlow wrote on his blog that the team is preparing to release a major overhaul of the tablet-based browser, featuring upgrades in both function and aesthetics. These upgrades include themes, modifications to Mozilla’s unique “awesome bar”, and a beautiful remodeling of the browser’s tab system. All in all, its looking to be a very positive change in the app itself, and hopefully a good step for mainstream developers to add something to Android’s lacking tablet-centric app selection. Some pictures of Firefox Mobile in the flesh after the break!

[via androidcentral, original source ian barlow]

  • Hodor

    Meh. It won’t support flash, so there is really no point in downloading and using it. It’s pretty, sure, but without flash, all but useless.

  • Blue

    Agreed. Had high hopes for Firefox mobile…

    Sadly, I’ve found their mobile browser offerings cumbersome to use and slow to load (initial start and page loads – on my Tab, Asus, and Nook).

    Would love to see simple flick gestures, flash support, and a much leaner/snappy experience.

    Here’s hoping!