Borders releases online eBooks and Android eReader app together

Borders eBooks Application

If you’re a big reader like me then the flurry of online book services must be bringing a nice smile to your face. Recently we saw Kobo eReader and the Amazon Kindle ported over to the Android platform but now Borders is cashing in on the eReader scene. Using the Borders eReader app you can search and buy books on the go and even sync your book purchased on your computer with your Android phone for on the go reading.

Currently the app is only available for Android users running 2.0 or higher ( this should be worked on by Borders in my opinion since there are still devices being released with older versions ) and can be found in the Android Market Place under “Borders eBooks”.

Borders also stated that there are FREE books as well you just have to browse for them. The app lets you:

  • browse and buy eBooks at, where you’ll find over a million titles,
    including a generous selection of free books
  • search by title, author, topic, or keyword
  • make quick and easy purchases
  • access your eBook Library
  • download eBooks for offline reading
  • enjoy automatic bookmarking, print quality resolution, smooth transitions between
    pages and chapters, and customized fonts and type sizes

To download and rate the app, go HERE