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Photos of the Galaxy Tab 7.7

Last week we reported on three Samsung products to be announced at the IFA trade show September 1st. They included the Samsung Wave 3, Samsung  Note, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Now, some suspicious photos have leaked of a purported 7.7” Tab. Notice this device utilizes the same 30 pin connector from the 10.1” Tab. However, this connector is on the shorter side of the device. It’s hard to tell the exact size of this Tab, but it’s definitely smaller than the 8.9” version. Unfortunately, the second picture clearly shows, soft keys, in other words, no Honeycomb for this device. That’s a shame since Honeycomb 3.2 added compatibility to run on 7” screens. Not much else is known about the tablet as of yet. In any case September 1st will be upon us quickly.

Photos after the break

[via Droid Life]

  • Chris Lickorish

    I own an original tab, and a Galaxy S, both now with Gingerbread. Wouldn’t mind a slightly larger screen on the tab, BUT the original tab has a micro SD card slot and its also a phone. Useful when I take both to the USA shortly when I’ll put my US SIM in the phone, and my UK SIM in the tab for back up.
    Am disappointed that Samsung’s new range no longer have these features. Reckon if they did then they could more easily fight off apples’s lawsuits. They’ll take both cameras and stereo speakers off next to make the next model like the original ipad!

  • Hood Hussein

    I am not very interested in any 7-inch tablet. That’s why I am only now waiting and hoping for the Galaxy Q to come sooner rather than later to the market this year so I can compare it with my current Dell Streak for possible replacement if it proves to be much better.