Free Skype Calling For a Month

Have some friends in other countries that you haven’t talked to in a while? Thinking of dropping your land line? Bored? Skype is now offering up to a free month of calling in honor of the World Cup. How it works is you pick a country, sign up for a subscription, and depending on which country you pick, you get some form of free service.

Some countries are getting a month of  (nearly) unlimited calling for free, while others get a certain amount of free minutes. So sign up, cancel before the end of 30 days to avoid being billed, and see what kind of deal you get. It is a great way to test out the calling service if you have been interested, or at the very least get some free call time.

[via cnet]

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    I am using skype for last 1 year and i found it very nice as its voice quality is very excellent among all the other tools so this post is good for the new user.