Game ‘Four in a row’ brings multiplayer action fun [courtesy of XDA]

You put together your game with two legs, a yellow plastic vertically placed board with slots and holes in it. Then pick up either a red or black disc depending on who called which first. Get four in a row and score! That is a general description of a game called Connect Four.

Now here’s a game developed by XDA memberĀ Goddchen with the same concept. Only difference is it’s played on your Android phone. This will be a fun game for those of you who had a thing for Connect Four. I know I enjoyed it as a kid, and enjoy it now when I get the chance to set it up and play with my kids.

This game ‘Four in a row’ offers multiplayer online gaming. You can create a game and challenge friends, join a game from a list in the ‘Lobby’ or check out the ‘Profile’ link which will give you a grid of options such as, a community, your profile, an inbox, online games, achievements, coins and more. Check out the screen shots below for some eye candy, then head on over to the XDA thread for a bit more information. Leave some feedback for the developer and if you like the game hit the thanks button to show it.

[via xda]