Review: Verizon Samsung Droid Charge [video]

The Droid Charge, one of the most popular phones on Verizon’s network, has found its way into TalkAndroid’s house, so what are we to do with it? Review it, of course! We were able to get our grubby little paws on Verizon’s pride and joy, and we must say, we’re impressed. The 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display is gorgeous, with deep darks and vibrant brights. The interface is snappy, and, while the benchmark tests don’t come back as astounding, you would never know it. Touchwiz is present, but heavily saturated with the Droid feel we’ve come to know and love – mainly from Samsung.

All in all, Samsung did a great job with this device. The physical aspects of the phone are great as well, with a slick back and a form factor that makes it steady, although some may complain it’s too big. However, this writer found it to be well-built and worth his time.

Be sure to hit the break to see the unboxing and review videos, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Quick note – keep your eyes peeled over the coming hours, as we may have some big news involving a Droid Charge… the suspense!

  • marc

    “motoblur is present” dont you mean touchwiz? haha

  • Mindy

    I own a Droid Charge. One thing I really dislike about it is where the power button is. On the right side at the top…it is so easy to bump all the time. Why is it NOT on the top?

    AND…the other thing…the charging port…it is on the LEFT side of the phone! Needs to be on the BOTTOM! Those are honestly my two biggest complaints.

    The camera leaves a lot to be desired I think. Because this phone is so large (which I love) it is hard for me to hold the camera with one hand and take a picture. Trying to push that button while holding the camera makes it very unreliable for pictures. Should be able to press anywhere on the screen to take a picture.

    There are SO MANY features on this phone that I have yet to learn. I wish there was a Droid Charge for Dummies guide that I could print and read. I would be so much happier then!

    All in all, I love my Droid Charge. The screen is wonderful. The voice activated texting option is outstanding! SO HANDY! My battery life is very low but the phone is very busy too. I wish you could link more than 5 contacts together too. With all the media sources out there, 5 is too low of a number!

    So all in all…I love my phone but would def make a few changes to it!

  • stacy

    Dustin, the Charge is made by Samsung not Motorola. Therefore its running Touchwiz not Motoblur. And while I’m here, are you checking your emails? I am trying to reach you!