Gingerbread soak test to begin for the Motorola DROID 2

The Gingerbread update for the Motorola DROID 2 is way overdue because of an infestation of bugs that plagued the first Gingerbread builds from Motorola. It looks like they might have things under control since the DROID X received the bug fixer last week.

The wait won’t be much longer because DROID 2 Motorola support members started receiving their soak test invites. Assuming these early tests go okay, we could see the full rollout sometime this week or the next. We will let you know.

[via droid-life]

  • Nich

    Lets hope they get it right this time . We should not had to wait this long to get Gingerbread on our devices .


  • Curt

    Do you know if this soak test is for just the Droid 2 or will it include the Droid 2 Global?


    The reason why it takes so long, is because they have to get ‘blur’ working with the newest update. If they would provide an option for vanilla and not use blur, we would be able to update sooner.